St Paul's



December 13

The congregation and others continue to focus on this important project in the life of our church. To date we have raised $93.800 for our organ and chancel renovations. Thanks for all your support. Keep up the good work - we only have $31,200 left to raise.

Nov 10

As of today, we as a congregation have raised $80,530 of the needed $125,000 to complete this project.   We sincerely thank all who have contributed and encourage those of you who are still holding back to get involved in this important project. Thank you so much. 

Nov 1

As of today, we as a congregation have raised $79.932 of the needed $125.000 required for this important project. Keep up the good work!!!

Oct 25

The committee for Organ and Chancel renewal has continued to be very busy over this period.

Board approval was sought and granted for contracting out for this project. The contract for the work involved in theses renovations will be put out to tender on October 29, 2009 with a closing datre of November 12, 2009. This will be a tender by invitation only. Our plan is that work will begin very early in January, with completion in the spring of 2010, hopefully in time for Easter.

Funds being donated for this project continue to grow. We currently have cash and pledges for over $70,000, with $55,000 yet to raise. Your support of this project is always much appreciated.


May 24

Recently we officially began our campaign to raise the congregational share of the cost of the renewal and upgrading of our chancel and pipe organ. If you did not receive a brochure, you will find some at the front door of the church and on the back widow. Our share is $125,000 as a congregatiion, and we ALREADY have, in monies in the bank and pledges over the next three years, of $36,647. Remember, your contribution needs to be separate from your monthly commitment to St. Paul's and should be financially comfortable for you.
We now have 5 people who are using the PAR system to spread your donation out over 3 years.
Thanks and Bless You!


April 26


Wow!! What an exciting morning.

Today we officially kick-off our campaign to raise the congregational share of the cost of the renewal and upgrading of our chancel and pipe ortgan. Please read the enclosed brochure and pray about it.

Our share is $125,000 as a congregation, and we already have over $28,000 in the bank. Remember, your contribution should be separate from your monthly commitment, as well as being financially comfortable for you.

Thanks and bless you!


April 16 - Pipe Organ Renewal Project - Update #3

 Since the last report a number of exciting developments have taken place. The Official Board and congregation have, in principle, approved proceeding with the organ and sanctuary renovations. The whole project is subject to two conditions: approval of the design of the chancel renovations (including a full cost estimate); and a successful fund raising campaign.

As of this writing the committee is working with an architect, Bob Laurin of McKnight Charron and Laurin Inc. of Barrie and expect to have more detailed information and plans within the next month. When the committee is satisfied with the concept drawings they will be presented to the Board and congregation for review and further input.


The organ renovation will involve building a platform over the area where the choir now sits. All the pipes (including those stored in the choir room downstairs) will be located on the platform.

The current organ console (the keyboards) will be replaced by a new one (see picture to the left) and the pipes will be supplemented by a further number of digitally sampled organ ranks. The end result will be a fabulous instrument worthy of the beautiful acoustics that St. Paul’s sanctuary offers.

The fund-raising drive is moving into full gear. On Sunday March 22 those in attendance at St. Paul’s were treated to an object lesson regarding the organ renovations when Tom Hazell, chair of fund-raising, displayed one of the new (new to us at least) pipes that will be part of the renovated instrument.  To date we have received some very generous donations, but still have a long way to go. What is most important now is that commitments are made as soon as possible.

Donations can be stretched out over a period of time through the PAR program, by means of post dated cheques or by a written pledge.  Bottom line – if you want to participate it can be done in any way that is convenient to you. Feel free to talk to Judy McConnell in the office, to Tom or to any other member of the committee.

 Nick Frans, Chair




February 9, 2009 Organ and Sanctuary Renovations Update #2 

Since the last update a number of significant developments have taken place. On January 21 at a special meeting of the Official Board approval was granted to the Committee to proceed with the hiring of an architect to prepare conceptual sketches for the chancel and organ renovations.

Since then the committee interviewed two architectural firms and was impressed with the interest and expertise of both. Mr. Robert Laurin of McKnight Charron Laurin Inc. Architects in Barrie was selected to do the preliminary architectural work. Within the next month or so we hope to have a proposal to present to the Board and the congregation.

Another significant development occurred on January 24 when the congregation approved a budget that includes funds for the organ and chancel upgrades. Of course this is all contingent on two important factors. The congregation must approve the proposed alterations to the chancel area that also includes the platform for the organ pipes. Also, and perhaps most importantly, half of the project cost (about $112,500) must be raised through fund raising. The good news is that to date about $23,000 has already been raised. We have a good way yet to go but we’re off to a good start!

Finally, the committee is pleased that Tom Hazell and Don McMaster have joined the committee. Tom will play a major role in the fund raising campaign and Don brings a wealth of project management and construction experience to the committee.

Nick Frans, Chairperson


January 18, 2009 Organ and Sanctuary Renovations Update #1

On Saturday, January 10 a pickup truck towing a U-Haul trailer and a large SUV left Midland at 7:00 am for Toronto. The convoy carried Colin Whiteside, Bruce Wilcox, George Leck and Nick Frans. Their mission: to pick up pipe organ components at All Saints Kingsway Anglican Church. It was a larger undertaking than the group thought and they were grateful, on their return, to have the added assistance to unload the material from Gerry Payne, Terry McPherson, Earl Kelly and George Leck Jr.

All Saints Kingsway (ASK) had a large pipe organ built in the early 1960’s by Hallman Organ Builders. It soon will be replaced by another new large pipe organ through the generosity of a well-to-do donor.

Andrew Mead, an organ builder and renovator, has worked with our Organ and Sanctuary Renovation Committee and has developed a proposal for the upgrading of our pipe organ. Some time ago Andrew was informed that he could have the old ASK organ provided that it was removed from the church within three weeks after Christmas. To assist Andrew, St. Paul’s has made available space to store about half of the components of this organ. Thus the trip to Toronto.

Storing Pipes for Future Use.

The former Choir Room in the downstairs part of the church is now full of pipe organ components. These include about 1700 pipes, ranging from some that are up to 16 feet in length when fully extended to small pipes roughly the size of a short thin pencil, wind chests and a variety of other components.

1700 pipes of all sizes are being stored in our old choir room.




Shortly, the congregation will be presented with a proposal for upgrading the pipe organ and the chancel area of the sanctuary. Should the congregation decide to accept the proposal and proceed with the work, these components will be used for the project.

It was suggested during the announcements in church on Sunday that a guided tour of the room with the organ parts could probably be arranged for a $5 fundraising fee. However, a good rumour has it that if anyone is interested, ask Nick Frans and he will be happy to give you a free tour. In the meantime the room is locked as the material is very valuable and the pipes are easily damaged.

December 14, 2008 - Pipe Organ and Sanctuary Renovations Project Report


For the past year a committee established by the Official Board, chaired by Nick Frans and called the Pipe Organ and Sanctuary Renovations Committee has been working on a plan to refurbish our pipe organ and make some improvements to our sanctuary.

During that time the committee has consulted widely and is in the process of putting the final touches on an exciting proposal for a major upgrade to our pipe organ. All of the experts consulted expressed the view that the acoustics of this sanctuary are superb. The proposal will make use of this feature so that both worship and concert experiences will be greatly enhanced.

In conjunction with the organ project the committee is also mandated to find ways to improve sight lines into the chancel area and to improve its flexibility in meeting differing worship requirements as well as those of community events such as the various choral concerts and the annual Wisemen’s Music Festival.

Music Director Paul Sloan at the Console of our current Organ

In the coming weeks we will provide more details. With the support of the congregation and perhaps also the community at large, this project could get underway in the next year. The changes will ensure that the sanctuary will continue to resound with music to the Glory of God and enjoyment of the Midland Community in ways not yet experienced.

Please watch weekly church bulletins and this website for ongoing information about this exciting project.