St Paul's United Church, Midland, Ontario
What is PAR?

PAR ~ (Pre-Authorized Remittance), is a “direct debit” program administered by the United Church to enable people to support their church through automatic monthly withdrawal from their bank accounts.  The donor designates the amount for local, M&S Fund or other funds such as capital projects.  Once a month all PAR givings are debited from the donor’s accounts and then transferred to the local church accounts.
Introduced in 1976, PAR is a convenient way for members and adherents to provide consistent, year-round financial support for their local church. It is now growing at 15% per year enabling people to more intentionally plan and honor their financial commitments to their church. At St Paul’s over 120 people now use PAR for their church givings and the collection plates on Sundays seem a little empty. It’s not difficult and never too late to enroll in the PAR system, even if you have received envelopes for your donations.  This is also a convenient way to contribute to our ELEVATE ACCESSIBILITY FUND. You have only to contact the church office at 705-526-6077. 
Your ongoing support of the work of St Paul’s is appreciated. Thank You.