St Paul's United Church, Midland, Ontario
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308 King Street, Midland, ON, L4R 3M6
Phone: 705 526 6077     Fax: 705 526 4020     Website:
Whoever you are, and wherever you are on life’s journey, you are welcome here!  
 Whether you are a child, youth, adult or elder,    
you are welcome here! 
Whatever your ethnic origin or language;   
sexual orientation or gender identity;   
religious tradition or theological position; 
whatever your economic status or political persuasion,    
you are welcome here!
If you are differently abled, you are welcome here!
If you are spiritually weary and in need of rest,
if you are mourning a deep loss in your life,
if you are skeptical;
if you have been hurt by religion, if you have questions, 
if you come full of doubts or confidence, joy or sorrow, 
you are welcome here because you are God’s creation, 
and WIDE is God’s Welcome! 
Friends! You are welcome in this place – just as you are.  
You are Welcome Here
     Welcome ! This site hopes to provide you with information about who we are and what we believe God is calling us to do. We hope that it may provoke some questions about your faith, and how we could be your spiritual home.


     The St. Paul’s community has served the Midland area for over 125 years. As such we have established a strong foundation as a faith based community. Using this foundation we are currently building a community for the Twenty-first Century, where people of faith may come to experience, and to participate in a spiritual life. As a congregation within the United Church of Canada, we have a committed social conscience, and we support a wide range of programs for social justice.


     If you are a seeker looking for ways to celebrate the Creator’s presence in and within your life, we invite you to come and experience life at St. Paul’s. Our times together are filled with many opportunities for inspiration through music, corporate and private prayer, proclamation, and opportunities to engage in thought provoking discussions about being a Christian in a Twenty-first Century context. As a community St. Paul’s is dedicated to providing opportunities for all age groups to grow in the Spirit.


     We hope that you will come and experience God’s presence with us.




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