St Paul's United Church, Midland, Ontario


Camp Awesome

July 31st - August 4th

“Make a Joyful Noise”
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a great opportunity for children ages 5-12, from 9 am to noon.
There are lots of activities including stories, games, music, snacks and great fun!
Please see Paw Roe to register
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Youth & Young Adults


Our Mission is to celebrate all people as children of God respecting diversity with respect and love. We seek to provide our children, youth and young adults with a meaningful spiritual foundation that will guide them as they grow and mature in their lifelong faith journeys. Our goal is to enlighten and instill in their young minds the values of our Christian tradition and to live lives in loving relationship with our Creator God and all creation.
On Sunday mornings, we have a nursery for our little ones.
We have a room designated for them. There is a change table, play pen, rocking chair and safe toys. There is also an in-house TV so you won’t miss the service happening in the sanctuary. Our staff is loving, caring adults assisted by our youth.

Discovery Kids
Discovery Kids will be in the Sunday Celebration Service for the first 20 minutes where they will enjoy Theme Time with the minister. This includes conversation & the Prayer that Jesus prayed (also signed in ASL) and sometimes a song, then they will recess to the Room of Requirement for special time:  could be music, story, crafts, games, etc..

We anticipate that our youth will assist in many areas of leadership in our community: nursery, Discovery Kids, Music, Camp Awesome, Sound System, etc. We do offer volunteer hours for those in high school.
We also plan to have special events for our youth – bowling, family fun nights, special music events, camp leadership... We invite our youth to explore our community and world from the perspective of Jesus’ values and to search, question and join in discussions.

Young Adults
This fall our congregation is hosting a special series on Wednesday evenings called ‘Theology on Tap’ at the ‘the Boathouse Eatery’. It’s for all adults but our young adults (18-35) may resonate with the topics.
We believe that spirituality and faith evolve through story, experience and tradition. It evolves through life. It is our hope that our children and youth build strong relationships with each other in an atmosphere of safety and comfort. It’s a time to ask questions and to wonder.

Fall Gatherings
This fall we focused on Creation, the Gospel of Mark, and themes from ‘A Joyful Path’ – a spiritual Curriculum for Young Hearts and Minds.
Family Fun gatherings:  Pageant "Matt & Lucy's Version Births and White Gift service.

Winter Gatherings
There are a number of possibilities for the winter season: these are in the planning stages: children’s choir, special guests from the community, bowling, video series, Saturday morning winter camp in the church...

Summer Activities - 2016
We have hired a student,
Paw Roe Shee to coordinate children and youth activities as well as Communion and Tea for Seniors.
Summer also offers opportunities for many of our youth to attend summer camp.
The nursery school is in the Sunday school rooms upstairs and children under three are welcomed when they leave to go upstairs after the children's time in the service.