St Paul's United Church, Midland, Ontario


Chairperson: Bruce Wilcox
Members: Tom Barber, Cam Bonner, Hans Mueller, Floyd Tilson, Colin Whiteside 

Your property committee and volunteers have been busy since the last Annual Report. The new sound booth is up and running with all the latest technology. A dedicated Tech Team continues to learn to operate the new systems and Glenn Irwin, our Technical Services Coordinator, provides his experience and guidance to the team. Our Tech Team, who volunteer their time each Sunday as well as on other special dates consist of Colin Whiteside, Rob Martin, Victoria Tovell, Marilyn Broome, Rick Dell, Bruce Wilcox, Sandra Flint, Marlie Tovell and Katherine Ladouceur. The Hub system is ready to be tested and we are looking for a partnering church to do this.

A new outdoor LED sign was installed early in the fall and it has greatly enhanced our ability to communicate with our community. New outside lighting was installed along the front of the Great Hall. This provides a better look for that area at night and a greater sense of security. The new Baldwin Grand Piano in the Sanctuary is a welcome addition to our music experience.

Ongoing repairs and replacements within the building continued to be done. It is always a challenge to maintain the older areas of our building. Your Property Committee, along with a dedicated group of volunteers work very hard to accomplish this task. In addition, the committee works very hard to accommodate all the various groups that use our facility. In 2020 new Fire Safety Exit Maps will be installed on all three floors of the building. These will identify all the exits as well as the location of fire safety equipment. In addition, all the rooms in the building will be re-numbered.

Members of the property committee, who generously give of their time and talent, include Hans Mueller, Tom Barber, Colin Whiteside, Floyd Tilson, Bruce Wilcox, Cam Bonner, Rev Karen and Honorary Member George Leck. We are always looking for new members to join our team. In 2019 our current chair, Bruce Wilcox announced his intention to step back as chair and we continue to look for a suitable replacement. We would like to thank Max Wagg for all his work this year. Also, thank you to all those volunteers who came out to help put up and take down the big Christmas tree in the hall and the Nativity Scene on the front lawn. The committee would like to thank Linda Wilcox, Debbie Just and Shirley Tilson for their ongoing assistance during our rotation at the Sunday Social Hour. Many thanks also to Louise Therrien for looking after the committee’s correspondence and maintaining the property records in the church computer. A final thank you  to our new custodian, Sonya Donahue, who has been a great addition to our team and is keeping our building looking as good at it can be.