St Paul's United Church, Midland, Ontario

 Stewardship Committee

Chairperson: Murray Lockhart

Treasurer: Doug Drinkill

Members: Pat File, Terry MacPherson, Don Penrose, *Louise Therrien Staff Resource


This committee is responsible for the day-to-day financial workings of St. Paul's. They meet monthly to plan and maintain an annual budget, a five-year financial plan and pay the bills to keep our church open, active and staffed. The church administrator is the financial officer for the church and is responsible for receiving givings, banking, accounting, pay-roll and the resulting government submissions, paying utilities, presbytery fees and all other expenses of our church. The church administrator also issues income tax receipts, pledge cards, givings envelopes and co-ordinates the PAR (pre-authorized remittance) program. The Stewardship committee over-sees all fund-raising and has representation on major project committees. This committee also is responsible for the preparation of the five year plan for our church and has worked with the Trustees to draw-up a Financial Strategy document recently adopted at the Annual Congregational Meeting.


Report for the Annual Meeting Year 2019

Strong churches have similar characteristics. These include an effective ministry, a clear sense of purpose, a welldesigned plan to achieve objectives and perhaps most importantly, a committed community. The focus of the Stewardship is on the last characteristic, a committed community. We are so fortunate in this church to have so many people who want to be engaged in the mission of the church, to support all the programs with their time and talents, and to provide financial support.

Several years ago, we recognized that the church could not be financially sound if we depended solely on Sunday offerings. We appealed to the committees of the Official Board to think of ways that would engage people and raise additional funds. We were gratified to see so many people rise to the challenge with dances, monthly dinners, and auctions. The additional income has been a blessing.

At the beginning of each year, Stewardship develops a budget of expenses and income for the coming year. This is based on our best guesses on what may occur, and it becomes a benchmark to tell us how we are doing as the year progresses. Sometimes we do very well, and income matches our expenses. Other times we are surprised by unexpected expenses and budget projections fall short. In such cases we ask you to help with a special appeal. Large capital expenses are usually covered using trust funds. In previous years we have augmented our staff by using trust funds. This year however, all staff expenses were paid using operating funds instead of encroaching on trust funds. We are pleased to report that we ended 2019 with a small surplus.

During October, a Givings Campaign was launched to encourage everyone to give a little more in their offering. The results speak for themselves. As of 34 January 1st, members of the congregation have pledged an additional $1,472 each month. Some have made a single donation. These new contributions will help greatly in meeting our future expenses.

At the end of the year, we introduced the ability to make Interac payments on our website. This will enable friends of St. Paul’s United Church to make contributions through the internet.

As we enter a new decade, our church appears to be healthy and effectively serving the community around us with the Christian message. We members of the Stewardship Committee offer our thanks to the congregation for being a loving and supportive group of people living the Christian way of life.


Stewardship Committee members for 2019 were Terry MacPherson, Louise Therrien, Doug Drinkill, Patricia File, Don Penrose, Murray Lockhart, Zena Pendlebury.