St Paul's United Church, Midland, Ontario


The Board of Trustees Members 2020

Chairperson: Bruce Wilcox

Secretary: Neal Foot

Treasurer: Peggy Wallace

Members: Tom Barber, Shawn Leis, Don Penrose, Karen Ptolemy-Stam Ex-Officio


Members of this committee are appointed by the Official Board. Their main responsibility is to ensure the financial stability of our church into the future. The Trustees receive and invest bequests and memorial funds and are responsible for the insurance coverage for the church building and the property deeds. They meet as needed to discuss their portfolio of investments and disbursements, as per their mandate. A member of the Trustees will participate in major projects, such as the organ and chancel renewal project. The Trustees worked with the Stewardship and Finance committee in writing the Financial Strategy document recently adopted at the Annual Congregational Meeting, the goal being to have a reserve fund safely invested as well as money available for church outreach.