St Paul's


One of the busiest committees at St. Paul's is the Property Committee. Our church home is no longer young and maintaining this lovely building is the responsibility of this group. They budget the building expenses, gas, utilities, phone, upkeep and maintenance, supervise the custodian and follow a five-year plan for major projects.


Our church is very fortunate to have so many skilled people in our congregation. We rarely have to pay someone to do plumbing or electrical work, and when the stair-lift, sound system and security network were installed, we were able to reduce our costs significantly by having our own people do the preliminary work.


The audio-video team is under the sponsorship of the Property Committee. They began broadcasting our Sunday services over the local cable channel over thirty years ago, and now tape worship for distribution to shut-ins and nursing homes. Work is in progress to convert to a digital format.  The audio-video team is an extremely dedicated group, many who have been involved since this service began.


Accessibilty Phase 2 is now the major concern for our church and especially the Property Committee.