St Paul's United Church, Midland, Ontario


Zero Tolerance For Workplace Violence and Harassment

Workplace Violence and Harassment Policy
St. Paul's United Church Midland has implemented a zero tolerance policy on workplace violence and harassment, in compliance with Ontario Legislation (the Ontario Occupational Health and Safety Act and the Ontario Human Rights Code)  and the direction of Toronto Conference of the United Church of Canada.

 This policy directs that no United Church employee or any other person affiliated with the United Church of Canada under any circumstances is allowed to exhibit violent or harassing behaviour towards others, including but not limited to employees, congregants, volunteers, visitors, consultants, service providers or any other third parties.

 St. Paul's policy document provides details about the definitions of harassment and violence under this legislation, how to recognize signs of violence and harassment and how – and to whom-- to report incidents. The document also clarifies the distinctive roles of the local Ministry and Personnel (M&P) Committee and Toronto Conference of the United Church of Canada.

 St. Paul's policy document (CLICK HERE) is also posted on a bulletin board at St. Paul's and a pamphlet summarizing the policy is available on the library cart.

 To lodge a complaint please contact:

Rev. David Allen, Executive Secretary, Toronto Conference United Church of Canada

65 Mayall Ave., Downsview, ON  M3L 1E7


For more information about how the the United Church will respond to a complaint, please go to