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The Worship Committee organizes the services of worship, taking into consideration the Christian seasons and special events in our church. They are responsible for pulpit supply when the minister is away or on vacation, over-sight of the Choir and music, organizing Communion - (preparers and servers), scheduling lay readers and ushers, planning baptisms, confirmations and transfers of membership, sponsoring the new members luncheon and mid-week Bible Study.

The Worship Committee meets the second Tuesday morning of each month, at 9:45am in the minister's office. The committee welcomes congregational input and ideas pertaining to worship at St. Paul's.

In 2016 we were pleased to invite Sandra Flint and Mary Jane Deacon to join the committee. Welcoming them brings our numbers to a compliment of 11 with 3 ongoing support staff. Music Director, Minister and chair of the official board.

Jean Brockelbank, Antje Clark, Pat Cowden, Mary Jane Deacon, Jean Dick, Sandra Flint, Cathy Metzgar (chairperson),  Wilma Plews, Sharon and Colin Whiteside, Heather Wilson (associate),

Victoria Warwick (Music Director)
Zena Pendlebury (Chair of the Official Board)
Minister, Karen Ptolemy-Stam & Rev. Bev Irwin

Please feel free to ask any questions regarding Worship to our Chairperson, Minister or any member.

If we don't know, then we will find out for you. We are open and transparent.

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