St Paul's


The Official Board is responsible for the over-sight of all factors in the life of St. Paul's. The Board meets four times a year, in March, June, September and November. The committee hears reports from and monitors the business of the various management committees. It also authorizes budget and spending activity and deals with the administration of the church. Official Board members are members of the congregation who serve for a three year term and are expected to sit on one of the other management committees. The Board calls the Annual Congregational Meeting, and if necessary, additional congregational meetings. They also send representation to Presbytery and deal with personnel matters.

The major project at this time is the Phase 2 Accessibility Project. 

Officers for 2017
Official Board Chair: Marlis Dupuis

Official Board Past-chair: Don Penrose
Official Board Vice-chair: VACANT
Treasurer: Bill Playter
Official Board Secretary: Judy Hazell
Recording Secretary: Judy McConnell

Retiring at the AGM for the year stated.
Nominees from 2017 retiring in 2020:

Judy Hazell, Terry MacPherson, Byron Metzgar, Sheila Thompson, Debbie McGrory, Milne Dick, Christina Strong, Cathy Metzgar.

Nominees for the year 2016, retiring 2019:

Louise Leck, Gary Price, Bruce Wilcox, Gail Wilcox, Colin Whiteside, Don Penrose, George Leck, Marlis Dupuis.

Nominees for the year 2015 retiring in 2018

Bill Playter, Sharon Penrose, Antje Clarke, Sharon Foster.